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The active life is better with plenty of good clean power available!

Off-grid power products for RVs, cabins, tent camping or anything!

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    Great Value, Unbeatable Prices


Welcome to Leisure Solar, your best on-line resource for all your RV and off grid solar needs.  We specialize in designing, installing and developing solar products focused on RV power . They also work great for cabins and other off grid applications. We invite you to explore our site. Our goal is to provide everything solar to the RV community, including great advice!  Contact us today.



Why Every RV Needs Solar


  • Solar is a very safe and reliable power. It is usually low voltage and there is little risk of electrocution. As long as the sun shines, you get good clean power.

  • Solar is available where ever you camp. It gives you the independence that is the cornerstone of RV life.

  • Solar is easy. There are no moving parts. Nothing to wear out or maintain.

  • Solar keeps your batteries in peak condition. If you have traditional lead acid batteries, solar can extend their life by a few years. If you have Lithium batteries, solar will provide you with an amazing amount of power.

  • Portable RV Solar has many uses.

Solar Power for RV's & Other   Outdoor Recreation

RV Solar Design & Installation

Plan your next outing with your new

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