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Without the Generator Hassle!

Cargenerator 1500 3000 watt.webp
  • Finally there's no need for a big, smelly gas generator you need to maintain

  • CarGenerator is sleek and light, requiring no maintenance

  • CarGenerator easily powers your gas or oil furnace/boiler, or fridge, for 50 to 70 hrs

CarGenerator illustration.webp
Cargenerator 1000 2000W.webp
Car Generator
  • You already own 75% of a backup generator, sitting right there in your driveway!

  • Add CarGenerator™ to your vehicle, and you have the world’s most reliable, longest running, ultralight, no maintenance backup power solution.

  • Works on gas, diesel, hybrid, pure electric EV vehicles.

Call or email to get information and pricing for a custom built solar generator for all your needs.

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