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Lee Stauffer

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Leisure Solar LTD Founder and Innovator

Lee, an electrical engineer, is the designer and manufacturer of the very unique EZ-PTG (Power to Go) portable solar generator. He is a Colorado native who came back home, after spending over 25 years in Ohio, working in the Solar Industry.  An avid RVer who enjoys camping off-grid, Lee decided to apply his knowledge and experience to giving people the option of solar power to improve their off-grid experience.

Mountain Bike Test 01

Charging Electric Mountain Bikes

EZ-PTG Front view

EZ-PTG Power To Go

Suitcase Solar Panel

100 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel


Adding Solar to an RV

Tent camping_edited

Tent Camping with Solar Power to Go

Leisure Solar-0040

Portable Solar To Go for Off-grid Camping What's with the Cooler?

Versitile portal power

Solar for the Off-Grid Cabin

What We Are About...

Our Mission is to provide everything solar to the RV and off-grid  community, including great advice!  Contact us today.

We offer everything from solar design and installs, to stand-alone solar products (check out our gas-less portable generator), to plain old advice. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with.

Leisure Solar LTD’s goal is to develop easy to use and understand, Made in America products for sustainable energy, to be used in off-grid situations.

Where is Leisure Solar located?

We are proud to say we are located in  beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado, which is nestled in the Grand Valley, at the base of the magnificent Colorado National Monument.

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