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Solar Electronics

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Victron Orion 24-12-70

See all Victron products here.  Victron Orion DC-DC Converter acts as a battery isolator and booster between your engine alternator and your coach batteries.  There are many models to choose from.  I like the 24-23-70, which converts the 24V Battle Born battery bank in my 5er to 12V to run the coach.  T  The Orion output voltage can be adjusted for different battery types, including the Battle Born lithium batteries

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Our LiFePO4 RV Lithium Battery heater is the perfect compliment for our Battle Born Batteries (also compatible with most RV LiFePO4 battery brands) for those people who camp in cold weather.  Our battery heater wraps around one or two batteries, and provides 60W of heating power.  It includes a custom thermostat that turns the heater on at 35F and off at 45F, saving energy.  It has a second fail safe thermostat that will shut the heater off at 65F.  Li Battery NOT INCLUDED!


Zamp to Anderson Connector

There are so many different connectors and cables for RV's, solar panels and RVs, it can be very confusing to get the correct adaptor or cable.  We understand Zamp, Go Power, Goal Zero, Furrion,Anderson, SAE, MC4, etc.  We can build custom adaptors specifically for your particular need.  Call us for a quote.


We are an authorized, stocking distributor for Victron Energy.  Victron is a worldwide, leading company manufacturing a broad range of products for Solar, RV, Marine and off-grid applications.  We have many of their products in stock.  You can see the complete Victron product line here.

Call or email to get information and pricing for a custom built solar generator for all your needs.

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