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Keeping Your RV Healthy!

Monitoring your personal health is similar to monitoring the health of your RV electrical and battery system.

Recently I was thinking about doing a blog on RV battery health, and it happened to coincide with my own annual health checkup. I got to thinking, could I create an analogy between your RV’s health and personal health? That sounds interesting and FUN!

I had my annual metabolic blood panel done. This, of course, gives you both several measures of your ongoing health, as well as diagnostics of your health. It occurred to me that is exactly what a Battery Monitor System does.

Blood Glucose – this is an indicator of how well your body is converting food to energy. Isn’t that exactly what a solar panel does? It converts sunlight to energy to feed your battery. A battery monitor tells you how well your solar is feeding your battery, and how your battery

feels about it.


This is is an indicator of how well your arteries can carry blood. Isn’t that similar to how well your cables and connections can carry current? Have you ever seen poorly maintained battery terminals and how bad they are for an electrical system? A battery monitor gives you ongoing data on how well your current is flowing.

Blood pressure – high blood pressure is considered bad, but too low of blood pressure is also bad. Battery voltage is very similar, too much voltage or too little voltage are both indicators of a problem in your battery or charging systems. A battery monitor gives you ongoing data about the voltage history of voltage levels in your battery.

Kidney and liver functions – these are long term indicators of your organ’s state of health. Using the trend charts from a battery monitor, you can estimate the state of health of your battery. Some battery monitors actually calculate the state of health for you.

RV electrical systems and batteries may seem like magic to some people who don’t understand electricity, but when you consider them in terms that you are familiar with, they become much easier to understand. Leisure Solar has a great bluetooth battery monitor and complete RV Monitor systems. The moral of the story is...a good battery monitor tells you everything you really need to know about the state of health of your RV electrical system and batteries.

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