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RV Monitoring Products


RV Whisper® has many features designed to bring you peace of mind in your RV:

  • Track your RV’s indoor temperature on hot or cold days — especially useful for making sure your pets are safe while you’re away!

  • Monitor your fridge and freezer for safe food storage temperatures

  • Check your 12V batteries for low or high voltage, battery current and state of charge

  • Check the propane tank levels remotely

  • Receive email and/or text alerts when your RV door is opened

  • Monitor your RV for water leaks, motion sensor, shore power, tire pressure and more!

  • Set text message and/or email alerts for when temperatures get too hot or voltages are out of range

  • Display your RV data in a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer — no internet access is required to access your data when you’re near the RV Whisper® monitor station

  • *If you choose to supply your own WiFi, you can check in on your RV over the internet!

See RV Whisper live on the Leisure Solar 5th wheel trailer

id: leisuredemo

pw: allthingssolar

RV Whisper Launcher App is now available for Android and iOS:

CLICK to Install Android Launcher App

CLICK to Install iPhone Launcher App

The RV Whisper® Monitor Station is built around a low-cost computer that can be installed easily by any RV owner. RV Whisper® is perfect for all RV enthusiasts — from the casual weekender, to the seasonal camper, and even the full-timer.  The monitor station logs the data to its internal database so the data is always available in the RV. When WiFi is available in the RV with internet access, the monitor station data can be viewed over the internet.

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