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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Part 2 in the series

As we designed the electrical system in Mona’s van, we wanted to add a system that allowed her to monitor every aspect of her van from her phone. There are very expensive RV monitor systems out there that are quite suitable for new RV construction, like Mona’s van, but we chose a simple, low cost but very effective American made, RV Whisper system that we have used many times before.

We wanted a monitor system that Mona could access from a smart phone, if she was away from her RV, yet she could also view it from a tablet or PC. RV Whisper has an option for connecting via WiFi, so we added a Verizon Hot Spot to Mona’s van so she could see everything happening in her van all the time. This also allowed Leisure Solar, as the system designer and support, to be able to log in wherever Mona decides to roam and help her with any problems she might be having along the way. Another plus, RV Whisper does not support cameras or microphones, so Mona’s privacy is always protected.

We included the following sensors:

-temperature and humidity inside, outside, fridge, freezer and a special air conditioner temp sensor (more on the special 12V air conditioner later)

-complete battery monitoring including so much stuff that you need to see this link to get it

-door open and close sensors

-motion sensors

So, almost anything that could go wrong in the RV can be detected by the monitoring system and Mona will know right away.

Also available are tire pressure sensors, tank sensors, water leak sensors and more. We decided not to add those now, but they can easily be added later.

Each sensor can be set with RV Whisper’s very simple app to automatically send messages, alerts and alarms via text message and/or email. The Verizon Hot Spot provides WiFi wherever Mona is, as long as she has cellular service. In the future, we will add a cellular booster to increase her cell range.

The RV Whisper is actually a very simple system for Mona to use. She can take a quick peek at her batteries or solar or whatever right on her phone. For Leisure Solar, as the system

designers and support people, RV Whisper tracks and records all of her sensors and we can see a complete history of things like battery usage or solar efficiency. This allows us to give her complete support, no matter where in the USA, Canada or Mexico she travels.

One of the main things we focused on while helping Mona build her RV was safety. RV Whisper adds an important layer of safety to this build and it will help give Mo Mona, as a solo lady traveler, peace of mind, while she is traveling to places yet unknown.

To schedule your appointment to add piece of mind to your travels...

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