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AN EZ-Power To Go Solar Generator SAVED MY LIFE

Updated: May 27, 2020

I know, that sounds a little odd and dramatic but I got your attention didn’t I? The EZ Power To Go has many uses, one of which I found very helpful last weekend when it really did feel like this portable generator might have saved my life.

Just a little back story, several weeks ago Lee and I spent 4 days at the Mesa County Fair, showing off the Leisure Solar portable generator and all of the parts that make it unique. The high temps hit 100 degrees all 4 days we were at the Fair, it was brutal. We were able to tolerate the heat because of two EZ-PTG solar generators along with our suitcase solar panels, that ran 3 portable swamp coolers in our booth. We were the most popular booth at the Fair.

So, back to last weekend. I’m a volunteer for Grand Rivers Humane Society and one of the things I do for them is help with Saturday dog adoptions, typically held in either Pet Smart or PetCo. Both of these locations are nicely air conditioned during Grand Junction’s hot days, very comfortable for dogs and their people. Last Saturday, we were invited to set up our dog adoption at Mustang Sallyz, out near Loma, a few miles west of Grand Junction, where they were holding a Dock Dog Diving competition.

Dawson cooling off in the diving pool

This sounded really fun but when I saw the weather report for that day, another 100 deg day, I knew I would need to take an EZ-PTG portable generator, a solar suitcase and a portable swamp cooler, to survive a very long day in the heat and sun. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only volunteer with a very low tolerance to heat so there were several of us who appreciated the cooler that was sitting in the far corner of our tent, blowing cool air on us and the dogs who happened to be there.

Just a little side note, my intolerance to heat and sun began when I was 11 years old and had a severe case of heat stroke. Unfortunately, as is typical, I have had a problem with Summer heat ever since that time.

About halfway through the day, I started feeling nauseous and light headed, definite signs of heat exhaustion. I had made it a point to stay hydrated but that isn’t always easy in those conditions. So, from that point on, I cycled in and out of the tent, cooling off by sitting with the dogs, in front of the cooler. I soon started feeling a little better but the symptoms of heat exhaustion stayed with me until later that evening, after I’d been out of the sun, in an air-conditioned car and house.

The best thing about the day was that we found forever homes for 3 of our 6 wonderful dogs. That is always the most gratifying thing about dog adoption events. It was also fun to see them spending a day away from their normal living conditions in the shelter.

So, that’s my story about having my life saved by our EZ-PTG portable solar generator and I’m sticking to it. I know the other volunteers and our dogs really appreciated the cooler as well. This is just one of the many ways this generator can be used. It is powerful, silent and doesn’t need to be maintained, except for an infrequent dusting off. You don’t have to haul smelly gas around to keep it going and you will never have neighbors or camp hosts telling you to turn off your generator.

All you'll need to get started.

This post was contributed by Linda Booker, Director of Marketinglight-headed, for Leisure Solar Ltd.

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