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Charge your E-Bike with Solar!

Updated: May 27, 2020

One of our favorite things to do is find new and unique ways the EZ-PTG portable solar generator can be put to work.

We've recently discovered an exciting use for the EZ-PTG, portable solar-powered generator and our new collapsable 160W solar panel!

While showing off the generator and solar panels at the recent Grand Junction Outdoor Expo, we met the owners of Colorado Electric Bikes , another local business here in Grand Junction. We were all busy at the show, but during those two days, we discovered that our portable solar power kit might be exactly what owners of the electric mountain bikes could use to make their experience easier, much more efficient and longer-lasting.

Colorado Electric Bikes: what are they?

Colorado Electric Bikes is a family-owned business, with the whole family running the shop. They are passionate about getting people back in the saddle of a bike, and simply having fun while they're at it.

Colorado E-bikes has an electric bike for every need, skill level, and use. One of the most intriguing types of e-bikes is the high powered electric mountain bike, the most rugged and powerful being the Fat Tire Rambo , powered by either a 750W or 1000W Mid-Drive Motor.

The Rambo is an outdoor adventure bike, powerful enough to carry its rider and gear, up steep trails, on extended trips into the backcountry. As an example, outfitters are providing these bikes to their hunters who want to continue hunting but are no longer physically able to do the hiking that is usually necessary. This powerful bike was built with several things in mind; it runs silently down the trail, there is no gas required, it is perfect for the environmentally conscious rider and it is a powerhouse. Because of these qualities, the Rambo electric mountain bike could easily replace an ATV, in many cases.

Electric bikes require batteries that must eventually be recharged.

Enter Leisure Solar's EZ-PTG portable solar generator!

During the rare, not so busy times at the Outdoor Expo, we talked about how great it would be for a person riding the Rambo into the back country, to be able to recharge the bike's battery using the EZ-PTG and a lightweight collapsible solar panel. This would make it possible to extend his trip by several days. The EZ-PTG solar generator is lightweight, small in size, stealthy quiet and maintenance-free. It is tough enough for the rough handling it might experience on a trip into the back country and it would be used to charge the electric mountain bike batteries at the end of the day's ride. The lithium battery powered generator will be hooked up to the lightweight, 160Watt folding solar panel during the day, waiting for the bike to come back to camp.

One way to use this powerful duo:

Picture this, you are riding your RAMBO Rampage 1000W Extreme Performance Full Suspension electric bike up the trail, pulling a Sunlite Cargo Trailer with all your camping gear, including the EZ-PTG solar generator and folding solar panel. You pull up to a good camping spot, near an area you are scouting out for the big bull elk you heard bugling a few days earlier. Other than the snapping sound of small branches you run over on the trail, you have approached the area in complete silence; an effortless way to get to your campsite. After unloading your gear, you set the EZ-PTG near where your tent will be, fold out the solar panel facing it towards the sun, hook them up and go about setting up camp while the sun does its job. The solar generator will be ready to recharge your bike's battery by nightfall. You've reached your campsite early enough to ride your bike out scouting, in stealthy silence.

This is only one use for your Rambo electric mountain bike, paired with the EZ-PTG portable solar-powered generator. Ideas for other uses are only limited by your imagination.

The EZ-PTG kit can be seen and demonstrated in the Colorado Electric Bikes showroom at 561 25 RD in Grand Junction, CO.

For more information call Leisure Solar @ (970)300-2029

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