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This portable coolers use a state-of-the-art Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor that runs off of 12-24V, or with an optional 120VAC wall adapter. NO ICE NEEDED! No ice means you have a lighter cooler with more room for food and drinks. Plus your food doesn't get wet as the ice melts!  In fact, these coolers can be set so cold, they can be used as a freezer.  Make your own ice from the sun!


This fridge has two compartments, and each can set the temperature independantly.  That means it can be both a =freezer and a fridge!  Light and easy to carry, with wheels and retractable handle.  There is a bluetooth app for setting and monitoring temperatoure


The TB-28 typically uses less than 400W per 24 hours. You can plug it into your car cigarette lighter, but be careful, some small car batteries may run down over night. Or use one of our 100W portable solar panels (with or w/o a battery). The EZ-PTG-DELUXE Solar generator will run this cooler for 3 days with no sun at all. The temperature can be adjusted from 8F to 50F, which means it can be either a fridge or a freezer. These coolers are very sturdy, since they were originally designed for heavy duty truck use.


    TB-28 Portable Fridge/Cooler

      • Model: TB-28 12V Cooler
      • Power In: 12-24VDC, 2.5A max
      • Capacity:  26quarts (28L)
      • Typical 24 hour consumption: <400W, 31AH
      • Weight: <35 lbs
      • Dimensions (h X w X d): 16 X 14 X 25
      • Chargers available
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