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This adaptor has 4 pairs of Anderson connectors tied in parallel.  Two or three solar panels can  be connected to the adaptor, and then an extension cable can connect the adaptor to an EZ-PTG or solar charge controller.  Works great to connect 3 of the EZ-PTG-100W Solar Suitcases to any EZ-PTG Solar Generator.  This will charge the Solar Generator at its maximum rate.

EZ-PTG-3WAY Adaptor for connecting 2 or 3 panels in parallel

  • Module Type: Leisure Solar EZ-PTG-3WAY

    Inputs:  3 pairs of Anderson connectors

    Outputs:  1 pair of Anderson connectors

    Max Voltage:  42VDC

    Max Current: 30A
    Works with any Leisure Solar product that has Anderson connectors including EZ-PTG Solar Generators and our solar panels and extension cables

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