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The RV Whisper Monitor System integrates with the Mopeka Check Standard Sensors for 20 lb, 30 lb and 40 lb  propane tanks and with the Mopeka Check XL Sensors for propane tanks from 100 lbs (23.6 gallons) to 1,000 gallons.  Travel Trailers and 5th Wheel Trailers are usually equipped with two 30 lb propane tanks.

Never have to guess at the propane levels in your tanks again!  RV Whisper and Mopeka have joined together to offer you an easy solution for propane monitoring and logging.  Data from up to 10 wireless Mopeka propane sensors can be logged in the RV Whisper monitor station installed in your RV so you can see both current and historical propane level data in the RV Whisper app over the internet.  Email and text message alerts can also be sent when a propane tank is running low.

The Mopeka phone app (iPhone or Android) and RV Whisper monitor station can both work with Mopeka Standard Sensors at the same time.  And if you are using the Mopeka WiFi Gateway, Mopeka monitor panel, Mopeka Phone App and RV Whisper monitor station in your RV all at the same time, don’t worry because they can all work at the same time on the same Mopeka Standard Sensors.

RV Whisper Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors MPK2

  • Standard Sensor

    The Mopeka Check Standard Sensor works on 20, 30, and 40 lb (5, 7.5, and 10 gal) DOT cylinders, and on horizontal RV tanks.

    Allows you to monitor the level of propane using the free Mopeka Check app on your smartphone or tablet.  It really shines when connected to the RV Whisper Monitor.

    • You can log into the RV Whisper gateway and look at all of my RV data in real time. If you are on a computer or tablet, simply click on the link below, and enter the user id and password. Once in the gateway, click on Go To My RV to see all of the sensors I currently am using.


      id: leisuredemo

      pw: allthingssolar


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