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Now you can easily monitor many things in your RV including:


  • Temperature*
  • Battery Voltage*
  • Humidity*
  • Battery Current (Amps, Amp Hours)*
  • Battery State of Charge*
  • Propane Levels*
  • Door Security*
  • Moisture Detection*
  • Shore Power Voltage*
  • Shore Power Wiring Errors*

RV Whisper Monitor Station RVM2-ZS

  • The RV Whisper® Monitor Station is built around a low-cost computer that can be installed easily by any RV owner. RV Whisper® is perfect for all RV enthusiasts — from the casual weekender, to the seasonal camper, and even the full-timer.  The monitor station logs the data to its internal database so the data is always available in the RV. When WiFi is available in the RV with internet access, the monitor station data can be viewed over the internet.

    • You can log into the RV Whisper gateway and look at all of my RV data in real time. If you are on a computer or tablet, simply click on the link below, and enter the user id and password. Once in the gateway, click on Go To My RV to see all of the sensors I currently am using.


      id: leisuredemo

      pw: allthingssolar

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