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This refrigerator/freezer is a great replacement for the 3.5cf Dometic and Norcold propane/electric fridges used in many vans, small RVs and trailers.  Because it uses a state-of-the-art Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor that runs off of 12-24V, it give you 30% more usable fridge/freezer space in the exact same footprint!  And it costs much less to buy, install and use than a gas/electric fridge.


We recently replaced a Dometic 3.5 cf gas/electric fridge in an Airstream Bambi and the owner was so happy with the extra space.  Since we added solar and lithium batteries also, this happy camper has extended their off-grid time by weeks.


As most gas/electric RV fridge/freezers are, the freezer just doesn't get very cold, so having the CR-130 is really great.  I've seen it get down to 5 degrees.  


The CR-130 typically uses less than 500W per 24 hours. You can plug it a standard 120VAC wall outlet, or into your car cigarette lighter, but be careful, some small car batteries may run down over night. Or use one of our 220W Portable Solar Panels (with or w/o a battery). The EZ-PTG-DELUXE Solar generator will run this cooler for 3+ days with no sun at all. The temperature can be  adjusted from 35F to 50F, with the freezer maintaining sub 20F temperatures all the time.   These fridges are very sturdy, since they were originally designed for heavy duty truck use.


    CR-130 4.3cf Refrigerator with Freezer

      • Model: CR-130 Built-in 12V Refrigerator/Freezer
      • Power In: 12-24VDC, 8A max, or standard 120VAC wall outlet 1A
      • Capacity: 4.3cf quarts (130L)
      • Typical 24 hour consumption: 500W, 40AH
      • Weight: <80 lbs
      • Dimensions (h X w X d): 29.5H X 20.6W X 21.6D
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