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This slide mount is perfect for mounting your TB-92 portable Fridge/Freezer in a trailer storage compartment, or under a cabinet.  Perfect for adding more fridge/freezer space to your RV and still have a great portable cooler.


This sliding base, specifically designed for the TB65/130 STEEL series, is made of solid powder-coated steel with an anti-scratch finish. The locking
/ unlocking mechanism allows the sled to be anchored in 3 positions until complete extraction.
The sliding base, already pre-drilled for fixing points, also includes 4 straps to secure your fridge to the sled and ensure safety during the journey.


TB-92 slide mount

    • Model: TB-92 slide mount
    • Weight: <25 lbs
    • Dimensions (h X w X d): 2.1 X 18 X 28 (extends 28" more)
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