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EZ-PTG-20A LithiumWall Charger will charge any LiFePO4 RV battery.  It also will charge EZ-PTG Solar Generator as fast as possible.  It provides up to 20A of charge current from a standard 120VAC wall outlet.  Also great for powering our 12V fridges and portable coolers

  • Designed to compliment the EZ-PTG series Solar Generators
  • Weighs less than 10 pound
  • 25 and 50' extension cable available

EZ-PTG-20A Lithium Wall Charger

  • Module Type: Leisure Solar EZ-PTG-20A

    Input:  Standard USA Wall Plug, 120VAC, 3A

    Max Output Voltage:  Factory set at 14.4V, adjustable +/- 1V

    Max Output Current: 20A
    Max Power : 300W

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