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The EZ-PTG is perfect for Cabins

Updated: May 27, 2020

Recently, a high school buddy of mine invited me to spend the weekend in their cabins in the heart of the Rockies, near the White River National Forest. As kids, we had spent many a happy summer at these cabins, fishing, hiking, learning to shoot and generally pretending we were mountain men. Our life paths diverged after high school, and we realized that it had been 45 years since we had camped in the cabins!

Beautiful setting for cabins in the Rocky Mountains

The cabins were built over 100 years ago, but they have been well cared for. They have electricity, but just for fun I brought along an EZ-PTG-DELUXE and a EZ-PTG-100W Solar Suitcase to see if they would provide enough power to camp comfortably in a cabin.

Yes! This is a functional outhouse.

I stayed in the small cabin. Yes, it still uses an old fashioned outhouse, and there is no running water in the cabin. The most beautiful mountain stream I have ever seen flows right past the cabin. And it is FULL of all kinds of trout, including Rainbows, Cutthroats, Natives, Brookies and Browns. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to fish in a small mountain stream. Using just a worm and a small, light pole, one could tease the fish out of the deep holes, and actually watch them attack your worm. I had so much fun I forgot to get video of it!

Morning coffee with portable solar power

I used the EZ-PTG-DELUXE to run my coffee pot, my toaster (have to have a bagel or muffin in the morning), some lights in the evening and to keep my phone and laptop charged up. There was plenty of power left over to run a crock pot or toaster oven, but there was no need, as we did our main cooking with a gas range in the main cabin.

The EZ-PTG-DELUXE is an ideal portable power source for camping, whether in a cabin, an RV or even a tent. It is wonderful that it makes absolutely no noise to spoil the solitude of good wilderness camping. We didn’t have to bring along any stinky gasoline, either. After the camping is over, the EZ-PTG comes home to provide portable power for dozens of other uses, such as emergency backup power for a refrigerator when the power is out, power for a trolling motor in the boat, or just taking it to the park for the family reunion. This is one versatile portable power source! For more information, go to

and be sure to watch the video "What's With The Cooler".

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