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Lee Stauffer: 

I am the owner of Leisure Solar LTD, and the designer and manufacturer of the very unique EZ-PTG portable solar generator. Leisure Solar LTD sells everything that makes these generators a must have for anyone who camps off grid. For those who want their RV to be fitted with permanent solar power, I also design and install complete solar systems for them.


I grew up in Colorado, loving the outdoors and abundant sunshine Colorado is known for. After earning a degree in electrical engineering, I moved to Ohio and worked in design and product marketing in the aerospace, semiconductor and test equipment industries for most of my career. During that time, I worked closely with major solar research institutes including Fraunhofer in Germany, NREL in the USA and the IAE at Kyoto University in Japan.


In 2016, I had the opportunity to start my own solar design and development company. Being an avid RV traveler, I saw a need for clean, sustainable energy for off grid RVs, campers, and cabins. For the past 2 years I have been working on designing the EZ-PTG line of portable solar generator kits. I continue to develop new ideas that will make my customer’s experience easy and affordable.


Leisure Solar LTD’s goal is to develop easy to use and understand, Made in America products for sustainable energy, to be used in off grid situations. It is also our intention to provide a fun and energizing workplace for employees who appreciate the importance of sustainable energy.


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Meet your RV Solar Expert


Quality Service, Made In America.


Get to know Leisure Solar LTD. We are a team of engineers, solar and RV enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing the best in affordable solar to the RV community. We offer everything from solar design and installs, to stand alone solar products (check out our gas-less portable generator), to plain old advice. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with.

Looking over the top of the Monument
The View from the top of the Grand Mesa
                        Land Ends Road
Mnt Garfield.JPG
Downtown GJ.JPG
Mount Garfield in the Spring

Beautiful Downtown Grand Junction



Come visit us in beautiful Grand Junction Colorado, the vacation capital of the western slope.  Let us outfit your rig with solar while you enjoy the many sights and activities that GJ has to offer.


As soon as you drive into the Grand Valley, from any direction, you will immediately notice the magnificent views on 3 sides of the Valley. To the East of Grand Junction is the Grand Mesa, the largest flat top mountain in the world which looks down on Grand Junction from 10,000 ft above sea level and over 6,000 ft above the Valley. The view from the top is nothing short of amazing! The Grand Mesa features over 300 lakes with fishing, hiking and photo ops galore.


On the northern skyline, the Book Cliffs can be seen along I-70 heading west to the Utah border and beyond, towering over the Valley. Mount Garfield, a palisade at the pinnacle of the Book Cliffs, looks down on the town of Palisade, located on the East end of the Grand Valley just off of I-70. Palisade is well known for growing the best peaches in the world and being the wine capital of the Colorado, with a growing number of vineyards and wineries.

The desert between the bottom of the Book Cliffs and the edge of town are a great place for endless ATVing and Mountain Biking.


Running along the south edge of Grand Junction is the Colorado National Monument, a treasure of canyon trails, mountain biking, challenging road biking and beautiful views from the top of Rimrock Drive, a 22 mile road that was started in 1931 and finished in 1950. The two lane road winds to the top of the Monument, travels along the top of the canyons that make up the Monument, approximately 700 ft above Grand Junction. It then takes you down to the town of Fruita, on the west end of the Valley. You may even see a few Desert Bighorn Sheep along the way. Fruita is best know for being the mountain biking mecca of Colorado, with many biking trails in the area.


Last but not least is beautiful and unique, historic downtown Grand Junction, a must destination for any visitor. The downtown features several hotels, many eateries, great shops and artwork on the corners. You are just minutes from the East entrance of the Colorado National Monument.


For more information about Grand Junction and the Grand Valley, go to

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