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This travel cover makes your high efficiency cooler even more efficient!  In addition, it also protects the finish on your cooler.


The Indel B transit bag designed for TB31 / 41/51 series is made of high quality thermal insulation material coated with durable polyester canvas outside and reflective inner lining. Protects your refrigerator from bumps and scratches and high temperatures when exposed directly to the sun's rays contributing to maximum efficiency of the refrigerator during day and night use.

The case is equipped with two convenient side zippers that facilitate insertion and vent grilles to ensure adequate ventilation of the compressor and condenser. The two large side pockets allow the power cables and the instruction manual of your refrigerator to be housed.

Travel Cover for TB-31 41 51

    • Model: TB-314151-Transit
    • Weight: <5 lbs
    • Dimensions Fits all TB-31, 41 and 51 coolers
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