• Easy Power-To-Go Solar Generator with LiFePO4 battery (225WH)
  • Completely silent, safe, no fumes, no maintenance gas-less generator
  • Generates enough power for CPAP for 4-8 hours
  • Great for charging laptops, PDA or smart phones
  • Works with all Leisure Solar panels, chargers and accessories
  • Re-charge from:
    • Included wall charger or car charger
    • Optional solar panels (see EZ-PTG-40W)

EZ-Power To Go Mini

    • Model: EZ-PTG-MINI (<10lbs)
    • Power Out: 120VAC at 2.2A
    • Capacity: 225WH, Lithium battery
    • Battery life: >3000 cycles
    • Outlets: Dual 120VAC, Dual USB-A, 12V 8mm jack
    • Inlets: 8mm jack
    • Included Chargers: Wall, Auto
    • Optional Solar Panels (see Model EZ-PTG-40W)

Lee Stauffer

   717 Castle Creek Road

Grand Junction, CO  81505





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